Who’s Dreaming of Utopias When We’re All Asleep?

Author/s: Salma Shaka
Posted: 8 June 2020

In this box, fragments of the artist’s self have been collected to answer the question: Whose Utopia? A question stemming from the anger of having the privilege to dream when its consequences are often political. The box is political, not only in its contents but also in the way it mobilizes to reach a place that constitutes as lesser than a state; the Palestinian Territories. Carrying dreams, worries, memories, and rage, the box is situated in the future as it occupies an online space where people have the opportunity to interact with the different moments of searching for this “no place”.  The project tries to unpack, literally and figuratively, the global struggles of usurped land, decolonization, and liberation, and critiques the recently published “Trump Peace Plan”, as it claims to provide the answers to a brighter Israeli-Palestinian future.

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