The Perfect Match

Author/s: Theresa Hajek
Posted: 8 June 2020

THE PERFECT MATCH is a fictional sound experience, dealing with the process of symbiotic relationships. Through synthetic sounds the continuous interaction between fungi and human are interpreted. In this perfect symbiotic partnership fungi and human share their functions and ensure survival in times of climate crisis. Be aware: nature is not a resource, but an equal partner, because earthlings have never been alone.

To have a better experience - please use your headphones.

Facts & Credits:
sound experience, audio file (6:18 min), symbiotic sounds, synthetic sounds, fictional;

Academic Support:
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Cross-Disciplinary Strategies - Cross-Disciplinary Capabilities SS20
course by Christine Böhler

Balcinovic, Adnan Univ.-Ass. BArch
Böhler, Christine Assistant Professorin Mag. phil.
Buden, Boris Univ.-Lekt. Dr.phil.
Gasser, Martin Sen.Sc. DI
Traxler, Tanja Univ.-Lekt. Mag.rer.nat.
Wagner, Astrid Käthe Univ.-Lekt.
Weiland, Kathrin PHD Student