ACTION!!!!!!!!!! Anthology Filmmaking

The Pandemic Lockdown Cookbook: Clifford Evans and Wolfgang Gantner (Gelatin) oversaw the creation of an anthology film (a series of short films tied together with an overarching theme, presented as one work). First, the participants were introduced to basic acting exercises based on Lee Strasberg's "Method Acting.”Then they produced their own short films. The theme of the film, "cooking show," which coincidentally became a popular social-media phenomenon during the lockdown was chosen before Covid-19 spread in Europe.

Sama Adhami, Belen Bini Bernadou, Marianne Cadiz, Khadisha Dabayeva, Safia El Maataoui, Lucian Gheorghita, Sophia Glinka, Felicia Gulda, Zenon Hanappi, Sami Idrissi, Ronja Janu, Sebastian Lang , Anna Litovskikh, Paul Mair, Lina Marangattil, Zahra Mirza, Yeeun Namkoong, Laura Oyuela, Benjamin Palme, Paul Schmidt, Valentino Skarwan, Grace Smart, Carola Sperger, Liang Wanyuan