Artificial Intelligence: Exploring Machine Learning

The goal of the course was to give an introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to students without a computer science background. Starting from general concepts and a brief discussion of what AI is and how the term is currently used, we had a closer look into basic concepts of Machine Learning (ML) and in particular Deep Learning (DL), i.e., ML with Artificial Neural Nets (ANNs). To become more familiar with procedures, challenges and pitfalls in training ML models, we used Teachable Machine as a testbed. TM has the advantage that anybody who is interested in training their own classifiers can do it without a single line of code. With this technology at hand and theoretical background from the lecture, the students gained their own hands-on experiences in training DL models and how the characteristics of the training data they provided to the learning system influenced what the system finally could learn.

Brigitte Krenn, Martin Gasser ("Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 2”)