“Mach dich hübsch” The Book as Artwork

Artists‘ Books often question the medium of the book regarding linearity, structure, and the author/reader relationship. In this two-semester class, we discussed the poetics of art books: their metaphor, conceptual space, and their narrative and non-narrative sequencing. Our trajectory had to change to cope with distance learning. The initial idea of producing physical artists’ books culminated in a collective (maga-)zine, that combines all the ideas, concepts and artistic strategies unfolding in each Artist Book.

Jenni Tischer

Felicia Gulda
Artists Book Reading
14 min 50sec
Felicia Gulda reads her Artist Book, which uses Ebru, a dyeing technique invented by Turkish artists to be an integral part of their traditional culture and identity. The project explores the diversity among Turkey and the connection to the Middle East by creating a mapping projection of the ongoing conflict and a utopian future.

Sama Adhami, Khadisha Dabayeva, Lucian-Viorel Gheorghita, Felicia Celine Gulda, Sami Idrissi, Ronja Janu Sebastian Lang, Wanyuan Liang, Paul Mair, Lina Marangattil, Yeeun Namkoong, Laura Sofia Oyuela Flores, Benjamin Palme, Artemiy Shevelev, Paul Victor Schmidt, Grace Smart, Carola Sperger