Lectures for Future

The future is collective. Lectures For Future is a lecture series with guest lecturers from various universities and research institutions, most of them part of the Scientists4Future, working on the most pressing societal and ecological challenges and their potential solutions. Besides, each of the students had to read and comment on a chapter of Karl Polanyi’s significant classic The Great Transformation from 1944, which still holds important implications for sustainability. Now we can leaf through a beautiful book, critical, ironic, collective!

Carlos Toledo & Maximilian Muhr

Mara Gabriel
Chapter 17: Self-Regulation Impaired
9 min
Mara Gabriel describes live her comments on chapter 17 of Karl Polanyi The Great Metamorphosis, with beautiful scribbles, profound criticism and a convincing voice.

comented by ...
Foreword & Introduction: Zahra Mirza
1 Sarah Naomi Rapatz
2 Kean Ehsasi
3 Carlo Zappella
4 Lorenz Prüller
5+6 Lisa-Marie Weidl & Florian Schinnerl
7 Kevin Jagschitz
8 Theresa Hajek
9 Nina Veech
10 Alla Charnagalov
11+12 Michaela Koffler
11+12 Cecilia Janz
13 Helene Hochrieser
14 Elisabeth-Sena Welker & Ida Eda (Ida Zahradnik)
15 Johanna Teufel
16 Philipp Miksch
17 Mara Gabriel
18 Roman Prostejovksy
19 Lindsey Nicholson
20 Carlos Toledo
21 Thu Trang Ha