The E-Platform

Author/s: Samire Gurgurovci
Posted: 11 June 2020

This project is about income inequality. You cannot get healthy and wealthy on your own – Societies make progress, not individuals. The extent of global inequality is mostly about where you are. Affordable or free education, fair tax system, universal access to basic needs, a livable wage, access to the internet and investment capital are ways to achieve the perfect world of reduced inequality, providing opportunities for everyone. This society will be more stable and happier.

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Description of the poems: Back in the days postcards revolutionized communication, therefore I intend of looking at the E-Platform poems as a new way of communicating the issue of inequalities.  

TWO PLANET: describes the world being split into groups, and urges people to speak up and take action on it.

THE PLATFORM: is a pitch poem, talking about the matter of change, whether it is based on moral spontaneity or the system.

NOBODY'S WORLD:   is about this discussion between the two systems, the one who is experiencing the imbalance and the new framework.

VISTA: is a narrative poem, which describes the inequality issue that we face today.